Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gay Marriage, What's the big deal?


Yes I said it, what on earth is the big deal?

     I actually get that it has to do with beliefs in Religion, in Politics, and in Traditional Values. However religiously correct, politically correct or very traditional you may think these views are, I'm certain that the following is also correct: No one is asking "anyone" to be gay, no one is asking "anyone" to be a part of something they don't agree with, and no one is trying to force this down "anyones" throat.  

     What is true to the very core is that people are very much the same, just as we are all very much different. We love, we laugh, we cry, we communicate, we strive, we fail, we hurt, we learn and we keep pushing forward in life. From any walk of life you can find a thread of commonality, but I believe the point is to try to find commonality instead of picking apart our differences. Life is a lot easier when you accept people as they are and stop pointing fingers at others for what you may view to be their short comings.

     I've read a lot of hateful and down right nasty comments online from people who say they feel that Gay Marriage is wrong because GOD says its wrong. GOD will judge you, etc... The fact of the matter is his word never mentions for his people to be judgemental, vicious and hateful. The word of GOD speaks to betterment of man kind and loving thy neighbor. Too many wars in the name of religion, too much hate in the name of religion. Society is brutal on non-conformist, this is a dated practice I'd love to see go away.

     Many of these hateful comments, people would never utter from their mouth in public, yet they type it under the shroud of privacy on the internet. Words are hurtful spoken or written, especially rejection and the lack of compassion and understanding for people and our desires.

     I understand that we can't all get along, because we are all very different. I understand that we are all entitled to our opinions and have the right to say what we feel and people will not always agree. Answer me this who are we to stop someone's happiness? Who is the government to say who we can love? Why would anyone try to impede happiness? All the while promote hostility and discrimination? Like I said before, what on earth is the big deal?

 I say to everyone live and let live, enjoy your life and stop worrying about what others are doing, and if you must worry or concern yourself with what others are up to, worry about them being happy and fulfilled. Worry for them how you would worry for your own children and family. Open your heart to people, it will change you.

The video below is courtesy of www.YouTube.com, and is Rep. Steve Simon of Minnesota and this is what he has to say about Gay Marriage. Mr. Steve Simon, BRAVO!!

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