Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Skin Care

I'm writting this blog because its been a long road to clear skin. I hope this helps someone who possibly has the same skin issues as I did. My main problem most of my life has been chin acne/whiteheads.  I've tried many fad acne treatments and even the not so fad ones, proven to work. My skin is sensative, so sometimes too much use of a proven product proves to be too strong for my skin. I still have a pimple here or there, and so far sticking with routine minimizes blackheads, whiteheads, chin acne, and general breakouts.

In my quest for clear skin, I bought Skinn Cosmetics special kit I saw on shopnbc late one night when I was having a bout of insomnia.

I bought the spinning brush shown below.  It has 4 different motion settings, for deep or light pore cleansing.

Included in this kit were also a few face washes which I wont mention because they didnt do anything for my skin. The exception would be the "Hydrating Wrinkle Soak Mask". The mask lightly hydrates, and makes

So I went to Walgreens and purchased Cetaphil, and it is an amazing face wash. It keeps my face lightly moisturized, and not dried out, in addition it really cleans well. It doesnt foam a whole lot, but believe me it is doing a lot of work. After years of peels, facials, dermatologist trips, its ben as simple as $7.99 at Walgreens. I'll keep this simple and go straight to the routine.

My Routine:

1.)  Splash my face with Medium Hot Water (To open the pores)

2.)  Pump 2 pumps of the Cetaphil face wash directly onto the center of the brush, and wet lightly under running water. Adjust the setting from spin to vibration, setting 2 I believe.

3.)  Gently move the brush around your face in a circular fashion.

4.)  Turn off face brush, rinse face with hot water first, then rinse face again with cold water.

5.)  Pat face lightly dry, then apply light moisturizer, I use Aveeno with SPF 25.

I haven't found any product that exfoliates as well as this for my skin. Others may find similar products to work just as well, but this product is on the cheaper side of these face cleansing brushes, and it does more than the expensive ones. Good Luck!!

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